DND Check Online

DND - Do Not Disturb This is a service which was initiated by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) for the public who do not want to receive unsolicited calls or SMS. If a person get registered under DND, then no telemarketers should not send promotional SMS or should not call for marketing purpose to that particular DND numbered person.

If any telemarketer does so, then they will be charged penalty as per rules of Indian Government Acts (TRAI). Approximately the fine starts from 10,000 INR initially. So all the Corporate’s as well as Telemarketers has to be careful while approaching for new customers to market their products.

Solution to Avoid Penalty: DND Filter Software

You can check online whether number is DND or not before approaching. What if numbers are in bulk?? So to check DND online in bulk, there are many software’s through which DND numbers can be filtered before making any telemarketing call to avoid penalties.

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DND Scrubbing is playing vital role now a days in BPO's, Business Development and all the industries staring from SME's to MNC's. It is compulsory that telemarketing companies has to scrub the calling data and then only has to place the call to avoid DND penalty.

1) To make Proper Telemarketing calls.

2) To avoid DND Complaints and futher penalties.

3) Also DND Check API's can be integrate in Auto Dialers mostly used in BPO's.