Terms of Use

Privacy Policy
These terms of service are an agreement between Digimiles India Private Limited and Individual user/private company/Public limited/any human who is currently accessing this website/already become customer with us/directly purchased the service on our website.


a) The user after successful completion of the registration formalities may avail the use of the paid services on the Site, including APIs and the online dashboard. Registration, which means acceptance of the terms of the Service and Privacy Policy with respect to Government of India.
b) The User hereby agrees that (i) all information provided by the user during registration is true, accurate (ii) the user shall update the data such as email or mobile number, if changes to keep database accurate and true to avoid future miscommunications with wrong person (iii) the user represents that he/she is of legal age and has the regulate legal standing to form a service contract with Digimiles and is not a person who barred from receiving Services under the laws of India.
c) Upon Registration, our support team will create an account for you and will share you the same. The user will be only responsible for the use and activities conducted through such User Account. The User agrees to notify Digimiles instantly of any known or suspected unauthorized access to or use of his/her Account and that Digimiles will block such account instantly and Digimiles is not responsible for such loss.

2) Service Usage:

a) The User acknowledges and agrees that Digimiles plays neutral role with respect of the services and shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for the content used by the user.
b) The User acknowledges that the service is with respect to telecommunications companies and network operators and Digimiles makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy, timeliness or availability of the site network or services.
c) The User hereby agrees to defend, hold harmless with Digimiles and its employees. Without any losses, damages including incase of service down or application failure with respect to operators and telecom service partners.
d) The User agrees and acknowledges that he/she shall not use any name as Sender Identity which is confusing or misleading or hurt anyone or which is already in use by other individual/organizations with trademarks/license.
e) The User agrees and accepts that the user shall not use SMS services for :

1) Abuse, harass, and threaten, the privacy of any individual or organization.
2) Conduct, promote or send illegal contests, unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, hurt any religion or community or individual feelings etc.
3) Post or campaign which is illegal, wrong, adult content.
4) Send software or content that contains virus, corrupted files which are intended to damage/hack other’s files or systems or software or properties or software of Digimiles.
5) Sending information which is against to Indian Law, unregistered securities information, violating third party rights such as copyrights, trademarks, licenses etc.
6) Digimiles has right to modify pricing and content of the Services at any time, even without notice to the User with respect to TRAI regulations and Govt of India.
7) The User acknowledges and agrees that if any links within the Site may let the User leave the Site such as payment gateway or any other are not under the control of Digimiles.
f) Digimiles doesn't provide database for customers Marketing SMS, if provided so, Digimiles is not responsible for those particular SMS Campaign results. Database is just complimentary for our customers.
g) DND Complaints:

1) Customer must have verifiable request from their subscriber (opt-in form), which is not older than 6 months.
2) Customer must have informed their subscriber of the opt-in and opt-out procedures via SMS/Email/terms&conditions page during the six months of time.
3) If opt-in is >6 months old, user must have obtained fresh request from the subscriber for continuing to receive SMS from the user/user's company. h) Sender ID approval is subject to telecom operator's terms and conditions-Sender ID.

3) Payment related:

a) The User agrees that Digimiles has the right to charge the User for use of any Services at the rate decided by Digimiles at any point of time with respect to TRAI and Indian government.
b) The User agrees to pay full money in advance to avail the services through credit/debit cards, Netbanking or offline mode by cheque or cash deposits after which service account will be created once full payment has been done by user.
c) Pricing mentioned on website are subject to change at any point of time depending on pricing set by telecom operators or government of India. All such changes will be mentioned on website.
d) Once purchased service with us, there is no refund for the same at any point of time.

4) SMS Credits
a) One credit = 160 characters, User can send upto 700 characters of SMS which can be received by receiver as splitted messages per his/her handset model.
b) Few characters cannot be send in General SMS, such char set can be sending in Unicode SMS format. One Unicode SMS = 70 characters.
c) Any amount of credits bought by the user cannot be refunded if user changes his/her mind
d) Digimiles has complete rights to block or hold the user account if he/she is misusing the service and not responding to the payments promised for cheque or advance payments which are granted to specific users by Digimiles.